Wes Yahola, the web site, is now live

For a first post I don’t have very much to say. I’m not even sure what’s motivated you to read this. At this point the website isn’t really live. I’m just setting things up and this is where I started. There’s still a lot of work to do.

If this is the only post at all when the site’s live to the world then my main message to you is – buy my book! It’s a fantasy thriller called The Artifice Conspiracy. If you’ve already bought it and read it, then please go to Amazon or Goodreads or anyplace else you’re able to post a review and post a review of it.

For small press writers like myself, reviews are a crucial thing. The more we get the more seriously book retailers take us, which makes them more interested in carrying and recommending our books, which (we hope) leads to more sales. More sales means we’re more likely to be able to continue writing. Enough sales and we might even realize the goal of writing full time – which means more books and stories from us. That’s a good thing for everyone who likes what we write.

I’ll at some point make a post about what I consider a Fantasy Thriller to be, how I decided to go that route, and what I think is so cool about it.

I’ll also see about making a post going more into detail on writing reviews.But first I have to get this website up and running.

Oh yes – and my book can be bought and some bookstores in the Memphis area (The Book JugglerTwo Rivers Bookstore have it for sure). If you’re outside the Memphis area it can be purchased on-line at Amazon and Barns and Noble. It’s available in hardback, trade paperback, and a variety of e-readers too.

As for the plot, here’s the back cover blurb:A spy sabotages the demonstration of an experimental magical airship. The explosion kills nearly a hundred people. Among the dead are an imperial princess, a bishop, and most of the family of the wizard Lord Harlow Tammadore, cousin to the airship’s designer and himself an arcane consultant on the ship’s ground breaking propulsion artifice.Teaming with the Imperial Knight Zorrah Pestle, charged with bringing the perpetrator of the deaths to justice, Harlow seeks revenge for his family’s death.Together, Harlow and Zorrah uncover a conspiracy involving a rebellious prince about to undergo a ritual that will make him an undead of unspeakable power, a mysterious dragon with a secret agenda all his own, and the development of the most powerful weapon of magic the world has ever known.Enjoy a sample. Click the link and the pdf will open. Chapter One

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