Conventions and Panels

This is an incomplete list of my convention and other appearances, including my panels and the people with whom I’ve “paneled”.


MidSouthCon 2018

Dr Who – Past, Present, and Future: With Marcus Green, Kathryn Sullivan, Bill M Tracer, Derek Parnell, and Sylvia Cox

It’s Written…Now What?: with Allan Gilbreath, Dave Schroeder, H C Playa, and Larry Hoy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, focus on Black Panther: with Tenitia Hobson and John Beifuss

Characterization and the Art of Social World Building: with Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, Kimberly Richardson, and Alan Alexander

The Skin of the Game: with Logan McNeil


Constellation 2017

The Golden Age of Gaming: with David Miller and Rich Groler

Crafting Stories with Strong Endings: with Stanley Schmidt

History Influences in SF: with Mary Robinette Kawal, Louise Herring-Jones, Michael Allen, and Rob Howell


Dark Oak Press – Authors Around Town series 2017

Folklore and Fiction: at Two Rivers Bookstore with Robert J Krog and Kristi Bradley

Visit the Mid-South Through Fiction: at Germantown Community Library with Pat Sawtelle, Kristi Bradley, and Robert J Krog


MidSouthCon 2017

Build All the World: with Jack Campbell, Cifford VanMeter, and Keith Baker

The Ultimate Fantasy Vacation

Mythology in Fantasy: with Jeff Cook, J L Mulvihill, and Jamie Merchant

Fluxx – Strategy or Just Random Fun: with Marcus Green and Danny Chamberlin


Constellation 2015

Evolution of Comics: with D Alan Lewis and Jeff Harris (video here!)

An interview of Orson Scott Card