Conventions and Panels

This is an incomplete list of my convention and other appearances, including my panels and the people with whom I’ve “paneled”.

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention 2018

The Wonderful World of Writing Clubs: With Pat Sawtelle and Allan Gilbreath

Intro to Stage Fighting: With Allan Gilbreath and Larry Hoy, and the Mid-South Pyrate Blades.

Creatives and Mental Health: With Duane Craig, Allan Gilbreath, Robert Krog, and Brandon Olmstead



It’s All About the Writing 2018

World Building – Building Your New Home: With Pat Sawtelle


MidSouthCon 2018

Dr Who – Past, Present, and Future: With Marcus Green, Kathryn Sullivan, Bill M Tracer, Derek Parnell, and Sylvia Cox

It’s Written…Now What?: with Allan Gilbreath, Dave Schroeder, H C Playa, and Larry Hoy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, focus on Black Panther: with Tenitia Hobson and John Beifuss

Characterization and the Art of Social World Building: with Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, Kimberly Richardson, and Alan Alexander

The Skin of the Game: with Logan McNeil


Constellation 2017

The Golden Age of Gaming: with David Miller and Rich Groler

Crafting Stories with Strong Endings: with Stanley Schmidt

History Influences in SF: with Mary Robinette Kawal, Louise Herring-Jones, Michael Allen, and Rob Howell


Dark Oak Press – Authors Around Town series 2017

Folklore and Fiction: at Two Rivers Bookstore with Robert J Krog and Kristi Bradley

Visit the Mid-South Through Fiction: at Germantown Community Library with Pat Sawtelle, Kristi Bradley, and Robert J Krog


MidSouthCon 2017

Build All the World: with Jack Campbell, Cifford VanMeter, and Keith Baker

The Ultimate Fantasy Vacation

Mythology in Fantasy: with Jeff Cook, J L Mulvihill, and Jamie Merchant

Fluxx – Strategy or Just Random Fun: with Marcus Green and Danny Chamberlin


Constellation 2015

Evolution of Comics: with D Alan Lewis and Jeff Harris (video here!)

An interview of Orson Scott Card