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World Building Panel at Germantown Library

Last month, fellow Dark Oak Press writer, Pat Sawtelle and I did a world building panel at the Germantown Library (I’m sure this is a big surprise, given the title of this post).

Here’s the video, with captions. And remember, this is part of a series of panels Dark Oak Press writers and editors deliver regularly. What’s more, after the camera’s turned off, we keep going. So the best way to get the most out of these panels, is to actually be there in person.


World Building Panel at Germantown Library August 16th

Every story happens someplace and on the evening of August 16th I will be with fellow Dark Oak Press writer Pat Sawtelle at the Germantown Library to discuss tips on how to make those someplaces.

We’ll be covering how to make your world believable, how to work in the details, how to prioritize what you share about the world to best serve your story, what kind of things to avoid, and how to get started (hint – there’s more than one way).

Whether you’re writing a fantasy, a science fiction story, a modern thriller, or bizarre horror story,  you’ve got a world to build. We hope to help you do that.

It all begins at 7 pm on the 16th at the Germantown Community Library: 1925 Exeter Road. Sign up thru the Germantown Community Library website. Show up. Have fun!!!